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I am starting a KickStarter for the full version of Better to Upload, and this demo is an example of what you can expect along with survival nights like the first demo!

(This is a completely different Demo from the first one)

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In this demo Sam the dog needs your help. He is addicted to a new dog treat advertised all over TV by S.G. You also need to regain access to your Gate. Your main task is to get the Gate Charge back to 9 to finish the night. There is one problem! Shadow Bot is near and won't let you complete your task easily. Watch your back, turn on the lights, and keep your door shut because she won't stop unless you are dead. This is only an example of what you may find in the span of 1-2 nights in the Full Game! The full game should consist of 7 jump-scare packed events/chapters/nights!

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1. Keep the office door closed

2. Turn on the lamp when the bot is outside your office

3. Lamps run out of power after a while of being on

4. Hide under your bed, in boxes, and in bushes

5. Get your Gate power to 9 to win

6. Avoid the bot at all costs

7. Do not touch warning signs

8. Do not leave the game when the bot is outside your office


You are a creator. And like all creators you possess and use a certain gift not many people on the planet have...Creativity. And some people think that gift should not be wasted. Warning this game is not intended for kids and is very scary. It is also still in development and is only a small portion of what you can expect when the full game releases. 


This demo contains frightening scenes, loud noises, and flashing lights. This is still a work in progress build and is in early stages of development. Feedback is always appreciated. This game is a horror game. You might get scared here and there. 


Use the WASD keys to move (In-Game and outside) Use Space to interact, to Enter the game and to resume dialogue. Use the keys C, O, R, Y to hack the gate.

Youtuber Locations

CoryxKenshin - Playable Character

Berleezy - Main Hall (Outside of office)

MavAttack - Bathroom

Bangbangbrandon - Bathroom

DomPlays - Elevator

Brysen - Gate 09 (Right of Bottom Elevator floor)

Yub - Gate 09 (Right of Bottom Elevator floor)

DashieGames - Gate 09 (Right of Bottom Elevator floor) & Chandelier Hallway

Poiised - Guest Room

Jay KubzScouts - Guest Room

8Bit Ryan - End of Hall

Social Media

Twitter: @Tokaint

Twitter: @QuickShockGames

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSw9vTKObKLWmEntduSLj8Q

Instagram: @tokaint

Instagram: @quickshockgames

These are the only Social Media I use linked to the game. Feel free to say hello.

The android version has some problem! Not everyone can play! Currently trying to fix the problem

Published 79 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreSurvival, Role Playing
Tagsbetter, free, Horror, minigames, scary, upload

Install instructions

Download the files

Simply Extract the file on to your computer. Right click to create a shortcut and play.


Better to Upload Extended Night v1.1.zip 185 MB


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good game!

Hey! Good game! i managed to avoid shadow bot and get all the things for the gate and completed the demo and i got a medal! i see a very good future for this game and when it comes out i'm sure that coryxkenshin will play it completely! good luck with this game i'm looking forwards it!

I'm very impressed! I sincerely hope to play the full game. The jumpscare about took my heart out of my chest. LOL

Such talent at such a young age. You're gonna go far my friend!

Ps. If you feel the need of sliding a small easter egg for ya home boy, I would be glad to accept it! ^_^

I got stuck on the part where you have to feed Sam...I'm assuming I should have picked up more than one pack of food at a time? Anyway it was a very fun gameplay!

Oooo i cant wait to play this demo when i get home