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Welcome to the Full Release of Better to Upload

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You are a creator, and like all creators, you posses and use a certain gift not many people on the planet use...Creativity. And some people think that gift should not be wasted. A man with the name of Scott runs an organisation called T.C.O.T.S. His plan is to create a perfect world, a perfect future, and perfect people. Their ways and beliefs are very much illegal and for that reason, they do all their tests and studies on a submarine/boat like city called No Land City. With the help of his team and the creators they test on called Actives, Scott will create his perfect world where no one skill is wasted.


This horror game contains frightening scenes, loud noises, and flashing lights. Everything in this game is created by Tokaint. 


Use the WASD keys to move (In-Game and outside) 

Hold Shift to run. (Except during Cutscenes)

Use Space to interact, to Enter the game and to resume dialogue. 

Press Q to look towards the hallway.

Press F to flash your flashlight when you have enough Battery power.

Use the keys C, O, R, Y to hack Gates.


  • CoryxKenshin - Playable Character
  • Berleezy - Throughout the game
  • MavAttack - Throughout the game
  • Bangbangbrandon - Throughout the game
  • DomPlays - Throughout the game
  • Brysen - Gate 09 (Right of Bottom Elevator floor)
  • Yub - Throughout the game
  • DashieGames - Throughout the game
  • Poiised - Throughout the game
  • Jay KubzScouts - Throughout the game
  • 8Bit Ryan - Throughout the game
  • Markiplier - 5th Night Cutscene

Social Media

Twitter: @Tokaint

Twitter: @QuickShockGames

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/Tokaint

Instagram: @tokaint

Instagram: @quickshockgames

These are the only Social Media I use linked to the game. Feel free to say hello

MAC VERSION may contain bugs. Let me know on Twitter @Tokaint


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Better to Upload PC.zip 316 MB
Version 3
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Version 2
Better to Upload Soundtrack.zip 91 MB
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Also available on

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Better to Upload PC Demo.zip 158 MB
Version 1
Better to Upload Mac Demo.zip 160 MB
Version 1


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the music is lit


Well it is really spoopy over all

(Well it's supposed to be) so Tokaint i give big FAT thumbs up for this 'coz it's just UNBELIEVABLE to see a proper fnaf cory xkenshin game even like this and this even better then all the other cory fnaf fan games out there.

dang i wish i could play this game but i don't have any money :,(

man the game looks great but i can't play it curse my life, still going to watch the videos and i very recommend this game

*sips tea*
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Better To Upload; a horror game about dogs and their fishy biscuits. So  far I feel it's been worth my money. The concept of the game is great and the story has me intrigued, they can touch up on some of the gameplay such as getting hung up on walls and doors, but other than that this game is awesome and I will be continuing my let's pay on it just to uncover more of the story, I have so many questions!

Here's my drunk let's play on it!